Once upon a time there were three young ladies who embarked on an grand musical adventure.  They played the Bagpipes and were excited to show others their skills, but they came across an issue. Women and Bagpipes were not common, and they were laughed at and told that they could never be like the other Pipers.  This did not get them down and they played and they played till they were heard one day by a passer-by who asked them to come play at their pub for all their guests to hear.  Excited and thrilled to finally have a chance, the Scottish Rejects were born! Since then, they have thrilled audiences far and wide. The moral of the story, it doesn't hurt to be the Black sheep of the fold.   The End...or is it really just the beginning???

These Lasses have had a busy year! The Scottish Rejects have appeared at Comic Con, SanDiego with Starz Network Television on the new hit show "Outlander".  

They Look forward to bringing the Pipes out on St. Patricks Day 2015 & satisfy all your Irish needs!  Slainte! May the Road find you on their path.

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A Story of Our Black Sheep...


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Want to bring your party the sounds of the Scottish "Ceilidh" (Scots gaelic for Party), Then give Tress a Call to book the band today!


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The Rejects began in 2005 premiering their skills on the pipes and specialized drums at a local Pub called Liam's Irish Pub. With their unique and crisp sound you will find yourself tapping your foot, clapping your hands, and meeting new friends!