Co-founder and Pipe Major of the Scottish Rejects.

Long time Competitor and member of the WUSPBA

You can find her on the web through

Appearance on Starz Network


Bagpipes, Djembe Drum, Irish Tin Whistle and Vocals

Co-Founder and Treasurer of the Scottish Rejects.

Performer and Competitor with WUSPBA, Western United states Band Associatiion.

Co- Founder of the Scottish Society of the Inland Empire, SSIE


Bagpipes, Small Pipes, Djembe drum.

Valerie Byrnes

Lela Perriello

Tress Maksimuk

Co- founder of the Scottish Rejects, and band Manager.

You can find her on the web at

 Recording studio artist and composer with Disney Studios

and Instructor of the Scottish Highland Bagpipes.


Bagpipes, Irish Bohdran, Irish Tin Whistle, Djembe Drum, and Vocals

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